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Paying For Your Treatment

We make paying for your treatment easy.

Pay for yourself and gain fast access to a diagnosis and treatment when you need it:

  • Access to our private consultant Mr Anselm Agwunobi
  • All-inclusive treatments with a fixed price up-front
  • Re-assurance of follow up aftercare and the support of a professional team

How it works

Book and pay for your treatment in three simple steps:

  1. Call us on 0161 495 7756 or 0800 096 2906 to discuss your treatment options, prices and consultants.
    If you are unsure what treatment you need or which specialist to see, book an appointment with your family GP who will be able to advise you.
  2. You will have an initial consultation, where our consultant, Mr Anselm Agwunobi, will diagnose and create a personalised treatment plan for you.
    In most cases, we will be able to provide you an all-inclusive fixed price*
  3. To pay for your treatment you can arrange payment before your procedure – pay by credit card, debit card or cheque.

How to use your private medical insurance

Whether you have your own private medical insurance policy or are covered through your work, make sure you benefit from fast access to private healthcare with Apple Surgical Clinic when you need it most.

Claiming for your treatment via medical insurance
If you are funding your treatment via your private medical insurance, please be aware that you will need to confirm that your insurer can cover your planned treatment with us.

Contacting your insurer
At Apple Surgical Clinic, we work with most UK private medical insurer companies and a wide range of international insurance providers. However, claim processes differ from insurer to insurer. For full clarity on the cover and the requirements to make a claim, please contact your insurer.

Most of the time, private insurers require a GP referral as part of the claims process for your treatment to be eligible (and many private consultants will prefer you to have one). Therefore, unless your policy documents say you do not need a GP referral, please contact your family GP to discuss your medical condition and needs.

Make sure you speak to your insurer before making an appointment with us.

Private Medical Insurance Telephone Numbers

Booking your appointment
Once you have spoken to your private medical insurer, you can book your appointment with Apple Surgical Clinic.

When you are booking with us, we recommend you have the following details to hand:

  • The name of your private medical insurer
  • Your membership number
  • Pre-authorisation code (where provided)
  • The name of the consultant you would like to book (if available)
  • Available dates and times for your appointment

Need help?
Appointments, treatment support and payments can be made with Apple Surgical Clinic by telephoning 0161 495 7756 or 0800 096 2906, or by filling in the online enquiry form.

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